Noni Testimonials

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Cameilia Rodriguez
Even though I am young I have been taking the medications pseudophrine and loratadine for more than five years to treat different kinds of allergies. Additionally I had sharp pains at the waist and sciatic nerve, frequent strong headaches, lack of energy throughout the day, irregular heartbeat, and high blood pressure. I have been drinking noni juice now for about a month and no longer need the drugs I mentioned above, the sciatic pains and headaches have diminished by 75%, my blood pressure has stabilized, and I have more energy than ever before. Noni has been a blessing for me and I strongly recommend it.
Submitted by: Estados Unidos

Carlos Ochoa
I used Noni products for my diabetes with great results. I think Noni is great.
Submitted by: Argentina

Cesar Ramos-Cedeño
I started to prepare Quick Relief Natural Juice myself after I was introduced to Noni in Paria Penisula, Venezuela. The results have been astonishing. I overcame chronic insomnia, lowered my blood-sugar levels, and my wife has even become pregnant and I am expecting my first child at 43 years of age. All thanks to Noni. As a scientist and personal witness to the powers of Noni I strongly recommend it. My family has already felt the benefits of this incredible plant found on the Caribbean coast and the Paria Gulf of Venezuela.
Submitted by: Venezuela

Cherlyn Johnson
I have been taking noni for over 6 years, I had suffered with a pain and discomfort in my lower stomach area, I was afraid to go to the doctor because of my fear of what I would find out. I started taking the noni juice and the pain and the discomfort went. Also a few years ago a pain in my left breast and I started drinking noni again and it went, now I use noni for everything including,colds, flu and any discomfort. I can swear by noni, it works with every condition you can think of. I am 51 years and I have no complaints, I drink noni even when nothing is wrong because it cleanse you and get rid of the toxins in the body.
Submitted by: Bahamas

chris morley
i have used noni for 3 years as a professional golfer and found it too be great for a knee problem i had for 8 years / i no longer take pain killers and the swelling after 12 holes now does not occur .
Submitted by: United Kingdom

Cristian Farias
A year ago I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease with diarrhea and blood loss, stomach pains, decreased energy, bone aches, and weight-loss, in short such a large number of problems that I was taken to the hospital in serious condition and I spent three months there. I was tired of feeling so poorly all the time. One day when I was very sick in the intensive care unit my father brought me noni juice to take. The next day the pains were gone and I had more energy. I began to get better and in 15 days I was able to leave the hospital. I was taking 30-60ml of noni everyday in the mornings and in the afternoon. I liked the taste and I started to believe that I was getting better. My depression improved and I was able to sleep again, whereas before I was never able to sleep for more than 3 hours at a time because the pain bothered me so much. Now its been a year since I've had a relapse in my condition and I take noni juice everyday...I recommend it.
Submitted by: Chile

Cruz Crespo
I am diabetic, and drink Noni juice. My sugar levels are within acceptable leves, and I was also able to beat a cronic insomnia. Noni juice also helped with my sexual life. I really recommend Noni juice as a dietary supplement.
Submitted by: Venezuela