Noni Testimonials

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Akua Derek-Hogan
At first I didn't believe that noni juice worked until I decided to give it a try. I had a growth on my back about 3 inches in size. I noticed that on the 3rd day of taking this juice I started to feel a drawing sensation on the same spot. Only for me to truly find out that it has started shrinking. I took noni juice 2ozs daily and have taken it for 2 weeks now only for me to now believe in the power of noni juice as the growth is no longer visible. I can only advise and say: NONI JUICE TRULY WORKS.
Submitted by: Nigeria

Alberto Gutierrez
For two months I've been drinking noni mixed with water, and chilled. I drink one cup in the morning before breakfast, and another one before dinner. The results: I lost 22 kilos, it is controlling my rhinitis condition (mostly in the rainy season); my overall perfomance in sports and even sex is much better. I recommended noni to a friend and after only one month and half of drinking noni juice she lost 1 kilo. I recommend noni, it is natural, and healthy, and always check the origin of the fruit you buy; if it comes from a plantation treated with pesticides or chemicals it is a bad fruit.
Submitted by: Costa Rica

Amalia de Colmenares
I was operated on twice to remove cysts from my breasts, later I was given a mammogram and 8 cysts were discovered on each breast. I then started to drink noni juice (I have a tree in my yard) and when they performed a second mammogram they found no cysts. Thanks to noni I have not needed another surgergy.
Submitted by: Venezuela

Amanda Flamerich
At first I was skeptical about noni and I only took it because my mother told me it helped with menstrual cramps. After drinking noni for a month I realized it worked as I no longer had pain in my abdomen during my period. Now I drink noni by my own choice; it really works.
Submitted by: Venezuela

Amelia Estrada
After I started drinking noni I have lost weight and have a reduced appetite.
Submitted by: Peru

Amelia Mejia
I am an 81 year old woman. I buy Noni fruit and prepare it, and my son has noticed that I have more energy and my face looks a lot better for my age. My son did not like Noni because of its bitter taste, but he started using it after seeing the positive results.
Submitted by: Colombia

Ana Barboza
My aunt was overweight and in one month lost 9 kilograms drinking one glass of pureed noni with water per day. It tastes bad, but its wonderful and now I am also going to drink it.
Submitted by: Costa Rica

Ana Guevara
Since I started drinking noni my sleep problems are gone; now I sleep well every night.
Submitted by: Chile

Ana Ruiz
I have a Noni plant in my house, so I prepare my own noni juice, with strawberry, blueberry and pineapple (diuretic); I use the leaves to make tea and it has a soothing effect, but it also gives me a lot of energy. The juice is a healing agent. I would like to share some photos of my plant. A curious thing is that once it grew a noni fruit in the shape of the head of Mickey Mouse.
Submitted by: Venezuela

Andrés Gonzalez
I used to be like a zombie, until I found noni, and everything has changed; now I have more strength and energy to keep living.
Submitted by: Venezuela

Angelica de Lafuente
This incredible juice arrived in exactly the moment I needed it. I was suffering from high cholesterol, constipation, menopausal disorders, etc. In just one week of drinking noni juice I started to feel relief in my entire body.
Submitted by: Chile

Aurelio Quintana
I was feeling very tired and my sexual energy was low, I was very sad about the situation; but since I began to take noni juice my life has turned around 180 degrees. I recovered my vitality and my wife is especially grateful.
Submitted by: France, Lion